Thursday, September 12, 2013

Siriproxy - XFinity Remote Plugin

Hi everybody,

Just for fun!! I just created a plugin for Siriproxy to control your XFinity TV. If you can change channels with the XFinity Remote TV App : XFinity App on ITunes, you can use my plugin. Cool!

I discovered that the application use web services to change channels. With a little bit of reverse engineering, I able to create this plugin.

How it's work

  1. Log in to XFinity Web Server
  2. GET Profil Informations 
    1. Profil Token
    2. Device Key
  3. GET a token to change channels
  4. POST the channel

Install XFinityRemote plugin

First of all, you need to install Siriproxy on Linux, MAC OS, Windows or Raspberry Pi.
If it's already done, just follow the Siriproxy's tutorial on this website :

Add the plugin

After that install my plugin it's available on my GitHub repository :

To configure XFinityRemote plugin, it's very simple.You just need to add your Comcast Login/Password. It's required to connect to the web server.
  1. Login
  2. Password

In the config.xml file, available in ~/.siriproxy/ folder, add this configuration :

  - name: 'XFinityRemote'
    git: ''
    login: 'XfinityLogin'
    password: 'XFinityPassword'
 Don't forget to launch this command :  rvmsudo siriproxy bundle 

How to use

With my XfinityRemote plugin, you can change channels with the channel number or with the channel name. It's available for Siri in English and in French :) 
 Just say to Siri  : 'Channel number [Number]' or 'Channel [Name]' 


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