Thursday, February 13, 2014

Glassware - Media Gallery v0.1

In this topic, I propose a Glassware to manage your photos and video.

You can view, play and delete your photos and video directly with this app with swipe,swipe and swipe in your Timeline. And you can not find the picture or the video you want in the middle of your notifications.

It's a beta version, but I publish it because I read a lot of comments on the glass-community forum that it is not easy to manage the picture on the timeline.

I agree with all these comments, that's why I decided to develop this Glassware during my free-time.

Actual features :

  • Display pictures/ videos
  • Play/Stop video
  • Delete pictures/videos
  • Swipe back/forward to navigate
  • Tap to show the menu

The next features I want to add are :

  • Look & Feel : Add icon to know if it's photo or video
  • Feature : 
    • Add informations about the media itself
    • Send a picture by email
You can download the application here : Media Gallery 0.1

To install, you need to have the ADT Bundle installed on your computer. More informations available here.

And run the command : adb install GalleryPicture.0.1.apk
adb tool is available on sdk/platform_tools/

Let me know if you need other features, or if you have any comments or concerns about this Glassware.


Enjoy it!

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